The Complete Works of Matt Stohrer

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Happy saxophone repairing!


Page 1: Stohrer Music – Saxophone Repair
Page 2: Page not found
Page 3: Dolnet “Royal Jazz” Overhaul Report
Page 4: Early Keilwerth Saxophones
Page 5: My spiel on equipment, setup, and the vintage Selmer thing
Page 6: On The Forked Eb (aka Eb trill) On Vintage Saxophones
Page 7: Otto Link Mouthpieces, Past and Present
Page 8: Selmer Mark VI Soprano: American Engraving, Silver Plate
Page 9: The Original Mark VI Booklets In Their Entirety
Page 10: The Plastic Saxophone
Page 11: The Unprofitable Valley Or: Why So Much Stuff Is Mediocre
Page 12: Why Cheap Saxophones Are Cheap
Page 13: Why is my C, D, E, A stuffy? Why does it have a different tonal color?
Page 14: Gold-Plated Martin Handcraft Baritone Saxophone (High F)
Page 15: Original Selmer (Paris) saxophone spring set from the 1920s
Page 16: Stohrer Music News, #1
Page 17: 1953 SML (Strasser-Marigaux-Lemaire) “Revision D” alto saxophone
Page 18: Dorfler & Jurka – Sounds Like Ikea Lamps, Plays More Like A Keilwerth
Page 19: Fitting a Martin Committee (“The Martin”) Neck
Page 20: The Beauty of the Saxophone: Pre-War Conn 10M
Page 21: Conn New Wonder/6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 22: Original Literature From a 1935 Conn Saxophone
Page 23: Looking for Something Special?
Page 24: 1935 Conn 6M alto saxophone, silver plate and Metro neck
Page 25: 1940 Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone, Original Lacquer
Page 26: 1939 Keilwerth New King Series I alto saxophone, silver plate
Page 27: Stohrer Music News, Vol. 2
Page 28: Couesnon Low A alto, the OTHER low A alto.
Page 29: How to Choose a Saxophone Mouthpiece
Page 30: Should I repad my horn?
Page 31: Thanksgiving 2011
Page 32: Vintage Saxophone Calendar!
Page 33: Word of the Day: Cymatics
Page 34: 1951 Martin “The Martin” Committee III Tenor Saxophone, All Original
Page 35: Kohlert Winnenden Tenor
Page 36: Low C# Stiff on a Conn 10M
Page 37: RARE Keilwerth New King Series II Alto Saxophone
Page 38: Stohrer Music News, January 2012
Page 39: Yamaha “Purple Logo” YTS-62 Tenor Saxophone
Page 40: Interesting Selmer Information from Jerome Selmer
Page 41: Saxophone Adjustment Materials: The Stohrer Method
Page 42: The Beauty of Saxophones: 1938 Martin Handcraft Committee II
Page 43: A Short History of Amati Saxophones by Dennis Gazarek
Page 44: Finding an Audience for Jazz
Page 45: Yamaha “Purple Logo” 62 Alto Saxophone
Page 46: Collectors Condition Conn Transitional Alto Saxophone with Original Warranty
Page 47: Conn Transitional 6M Alto Saxophone
Page 48: Couf Superba I Tenor Saxophone in Black Nickel
Page 49: Late 1950s Noblet (Beaugnier) Tenor Saxophone, Handmade in France
Page 50: Holton 232 Alto Saxophone (sleeper handmade in USA pro horn!)
Page 51: Putting Time Back On The Clock
Page 52: Vito “Duke” alto saxophone, handmade by Beaugnier in France
Page 53: Why the Saxophone is Beautiful
Page 54: The Beauty of Saxophones: 1928 Conn F Mezzo-soprano
Page 55: Original 1931 Conn Alto Saxophone Warranty Booklet
Page 56: Conn 6M “Transitional” Saxophones
Page 57: The Beauty of Saxophones: Fully Engraved 1932 Selmer “Cigar Cutter” Alto Saxophone
Page 58: 1930 Conn 12M Transitional Baritone Saxophone “Art Deco” Engraving
Page 59: 1939 Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone
Page 60: 1953 SML “Rev. D” Tenor Saxophone in “Gold Plate”
Page 61: Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone, Almost New Condition
Page 62: Stohrer Music News: 2013
Page 63: IMAG0267
Page 64: IMAG0407
Page 65: Black Pearls on Wartime SML Coleman Hawkins Special Tenor
Page 66: New Website!
Page 67: 1932 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone, Silver Plate (SOLD)
Page 68: Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone, Museum Condition, Fresh Overhaul
Page 69: Vito “Duke” by Beaugnier Baritone Saxophone, Handmade in France 1960’s, Original Pads
Page 70: 1940 Conn 26M VIII, Original Lacquer
Page 71: An Extremely Informal Comparison of Two Otherwise Identical Horns Save For Plating
Page 72: Selmer Radio Improved Alto Saxophone, Original Silver Plate
Page 73: Why Overhaul A Saxophone?
Page 74: Lacquer Overspray on Original Lacquer Selmer Saxophones
Page 75: Understanding Saxophone Key Fitting: Hinge Tube and Post Facing
Page 76: Crossroads of Saxophone Craftsmanship
Page 77: On Learning A Craft
Page 78: 1941 King Zephyr Special Tenor Saxophone
Page 79: A King Feast
Page 80: Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone w/ Overslung New York Neck
Page 81: How I Polish Silver Saxophones
Page 82: Martin Committee III (aka “The Martin”) Tenor Saxophone
Page 83: DSC02389
Page 84: DSC02390
Page 85: A 3-D Printed Saxophone
Page 86: A Really Nice Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Facing
Page 87: 10363628_10152168335502399_8719893186631159933_n
Page 88: DSC01963
Page 89: DSC01964
Page 90: DSC01965
Page 91: DSC01966
Page 92: DSC01967
Page 93: DSC01968
Page 94: DSC01969
Page 95: How To Say “Buescher”
Page 96: Stohrer Music News, December 2014
Page 97: 338xxx King Super 20 Alto Repad
Page 98: Otto Link (The Man Himself) Refacing Article, 1950
Page 99: Selmer “Radio Improved” *Transitional* Baritone Full Overhaul – Before
Page 100: Selmer Radio Improved Baritone Saxophone (After)
Page 101: SML Gold Medal II Stencil Tenor Saxophone, Never Played
Page 102: Stohrer Music News, Relocation Edition
Page 103: Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor
Page 104: On The Bench: Conn Transitional Tenor – Split Bell Keys With “Naked Lady” Engraving
Page 105: Now Available to Be Indexed
Page 106: SML Standard Tenor
Page 107: Wartime Conn 6M & 10M
Page 108: On The Bench: Conn Virtuoso Deluxe Soprano Saxophone
Page 109: On The Bench: King Zephyr Special Alto w/ Unique Engraving
Page 110: On The Bench: King Zephyr Special Tenor
Page 111: On The Bench: Selmer Super Action Tenor Saxophone
Page 112: On The Bench: Yamaha YTS-32 Tenor Saxophone
Page 113: Stohrer Music News, Introspection 2015 Edition
Page 114: 1920s Conn Alto and Curved Soprano – Early New Wonder Series II
Page 115: King Super 20 Alto Saxophone, Full Pearls
Page 116: Mark VI Tenor: “Player’s Horn”
Page 117: Selmer “Dorsey Model” Alto Saxophone
Page 118: Selmer Super Sax “Cigar Cutter” Alto Saxophone, Gold Plate
Page 119: Build A Saxophone Repair Workbench
Page 120: Crowdfunded Content Blitz
Page 121: How To Install And Seat Saxophone Pads
Page 122: Saxophone Part Nomenclature
Page 123: Saxophones On Which To Learn Repair
Page 124: The Disclaimer
Page 125: Tools: Level One
Page 126: Tools: Level Two
Page 127: 1950 King Super 20 Alto
Page 128: Evaluating a Used Saxophone for Purchase
Page 129: Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone
Page 130: Selmer Radio Improved Alto Saxophone, Burnished Gold Plate
Page 131: Selmer Balanced Action Baritone Saxophone, All Original
Page 132: Selmer “New Largebore” Soprano Saxophone with Unusual Engraving
Page 133: Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone
Page 134: Martin “The Music Man” Committee Tenor Saxophone
Page 135: Solid Sterling Silver Selmer Series III alto saxophone
Page 136: Saxophone Hinge Tube Bushing
Page 137: A Possibly Wrong Primer on Engraving
Page 138: I Timed a Saxophone Overhaul
Page 139: Nobody Was Here
Page 140: 1927 Martin Handcraft Soprano Saxophone, Gold Plate
Page 141: Early 2017 Catch-Up Post
Page 142: Handmade in Wherever
Page 143: Nothing Here At The Moment
Page 144: For Sale: 1926 Conn New Wonder II Alto Saxophone, Burnished Gold Plate
Page 145: New Horn Setup Procedure
Page 146: Stohrer Music News, Late 2017 Edition
Page 147: The Open Source Saxophone Project
Page 148: End of 2017 catch-up post
Page 149: Selmer Super (Balanced) Action Tenor
Page 150: Stohrer Music News: June 2019
Page 151: I’m back!
Page 152: Broken Wrist!
Page 153: Pre-war Conn 10M
Page 154: A little bit of physical therapy
Page 155: Back to work after wrist surgery!
Page 156: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 157: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 158: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 159: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 160: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 161: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 162: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 163: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 164: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 165: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 166: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 167: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 168: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 169: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 170: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 171: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 172: (sold) 1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Page 173: 1967 Selmer Mark VI Tenor
Page 174: Yanagisawa 991 alto in black lacquer
Page 175: Stohrer Music News – Late 2021
Page 176: Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor – Original Gold Plate
Page 177: My Take-Home Tools
Page 178: Re-absorbing Open Source Saxophone Project Content
Page 179: Vintage Orsi Contrabass
Page 180: Stohrer Music News, October 2022
Page 181: Gold Plated King Zephyr Special
Page 182: Page not found
Page 183: A Possibly Wrong Primer on Engraving
Page 184: About Matt Stohrer
Page 185: Airstream Workshop
Page 186: Airstream Workshop
Page 187: Airstream Workshop
Page 188: admin
Page 189: admin – Page 10
Page 190: admin – Page 11
Page 191: admin – Page 12
Page 192: admin – Page 13
Page 193: admin – Page 14
Page 194: admin – Page 15
Page 195: admin – Page 16
Page 196: admin – Page 17
Page 197: admin – Page 18
Page 198: admin – Page 19
Page 199: admin – Page 2
Page 200: admin – Page 3
Page 201: admin – Page 4
Page 202: admin – Page 5
Page 203: admin – Page 6
Page 204: admin – Page 7
Page 205: admin – Page 8
Page 206: admin – Page 9
Page 207: Build A Saxophone Repair Workbench
Page 208: Articles & Info
Page 209: Articles & Info – Page 2
Page 210: Articles & Info – Page 3
Page 211: Articles & Info – Page 4
Page 212: Articles & Info – Page 5
Page 213: Articles & Info – Page 6
Page 214: Articles & Info – Page 7
Page 215: Articles & Info – Page 8
Page 216: On The Bench
Page 217: On The Bench – Page 2
Page 218: On The Bench – Page 3
Page 219: On The Bench – Page 4
Page 220: On The Bench – Page 5
Page 221: News
Page 222: News – Page 2
Page 223: Find-A-Sax Service
Page 224: Used Modern Saxophones
Page 225: The Archives (Sold Items)
Page 226: The Archives (Sold Items) – Page 2
Page 227: The Archives (Sold Items) – Page 3
Page 228: The Archives (Sold Items) – Page 4
Page 229: Contact
Page 230: Customer Reviews
Page 231: Saxophones For Sale
Page 232: Why Buy From Stohrer Music?
Page 233: Main Gallery
Page 234: Main Gallery
Page 235: Main Gallery
Page 236: Vintage Ads
Page 237: Vintage Emblems
Page 238: Vintage Emblems
Page 239: Vintage Emblems
Page 240: Yanagisawa Factory Tour
Page 241: Yanagisawa Factory Tour
Page 242: Yanagisawa Factory Tour
Page 243: How To Install And Seat Saxophone Pads
Page 244: Page not found
Page 245: Page not found
Page 246: Index
Page 247: Links
Page 248: My Take-Home Tools
Page 249: On The Bench
Page 250: Matt’s Philosophy
Page 251: Doing Business With Stohrer Music
Page 252: Repair Services
Page 253: Repair Services
Page 254: Repair Services
Page 255: Saxophone Hinge Tube Bushing
Page 256: Saxophone Repair Information
Page 257: Saxophones On Which To Learn Repair
Page 258: The Disclaimer
Page 259: Tools: Level One
Page 260: Tools: Level Two
Page 261: Videos

Youtube Videos

Video 1: (Questionable) Saxophone Repair Topic: My Chosen Pad Treatment
Video 2: (Quick) Saxophone Repair Topic: Straightening Bent Hinge Tubes (Basic Example)
Video 3: A Saxophone Repairman on Why Saxophones Are Beautiful
Video 4: Advanced Saxophone Repair Topic: Pivot Receiver Bushing and Post Washer
Video 5: Airstream Sax Workshop: NEW, Upgraded Wood Stove for Heat
Video 6: Airstream Sax Workshop: Wood Stove Heat
Video 7: Airstream Saxophone Repair Shop 2015
Video 8: Bass Saxophone Pads Pop Test
Video 9: Branford Marsalis Plays Ultra Rare Conn 10M Prototype
Video 10: Chicken steals leaf from baby
Video 11: Evaluating a Used Saxophone For Purchase
Video 12: Let's Overhaul A Saxophone Together Maybe!
Video 13: Let's Overhaul a Saxophone Together, Part 1: Introduction & Disclaimer
Video 14: Let's Overhaul A Saxophone Together, Part 2: Inspection & Disassembly
Video 15: Let's Overhaul A Saxophone Together, Part 3: Removing Pads & Corks
Video 16: Let's Overhaul A Saxophone Together, Part 4: The Roller Is Very Stuck
Video 17: Let's Overhaul A Saxophone Together, Part 5: Naptha the Keys
Video 18: Matt Stohrer's YouTube Saxophone Channel Intro
Video 19: My toddler son describes my job
Video 20: Old Saxophone Reeds
Video 21: Open Source Saxophone Project Crowdfunding Success!
Video 22: Original Selmer Saxophone Springs
Video 23: Playtest and Review of Matt Stohrer Saxophone Overhaul by Jason Dumars
Video 24: Playtest of Matt Stohrer Overhaul on 1954 Selmer Mark VI
Video 25: Porous (not airtight) saxophone pads on Magnahelic example
Video 26: Quick Tip: Make Your Saxophone Backpack Case More Comfortable
Video 27: Repairman's Brief Overview: Conn Virtuoso Deluxe Soprano Saxophone
Video 28: Repairman's Downer: "Gold Plated" SML Saxophones: It's not gold, bruh
Video 29: Repairman's Overview (Quickie): 1939 King Zephyr Special Tenor Saxophone
Video 30: Repairman's Overview (Quickie): Late Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Bow Patch
Video 31: Repairman's Overview (shorter version): King Super 20 Saxophones
Video 32: Repairman's Overview (Sprawling Mess Edition): King Super 20 Saxophones
Video 33: Repairman's Overview Correction: 1930s Selmer Geared Octave Mechanism
Video 34: Repairman's Overview: 1933 Conn 12M "Transitional" Baritone Saxophone
Video 35: Repairman's Overview: 1924 Conn New Wonder (Series I) Tenor Saxophone
Video 36: Repairman's Overview: 1925 Conn New Wonder Series II Alto Saxophone
Video 37: Repairman's Overview: 1927 Martin Handcraft Soprano Saxophone
Video 38: Repairman's Overview: 1928 Conn F Mezzo-soprano Saxophone
Video 39: Repairman's Overview: 1929 Buescher True Tone Alto Saxophone
Video 40: Repairman's Overview: 1929 Conn New Wonder Transitional (4M) Curved Soprano
Video 41: Repairman's Overview: 1930's Keilwerth Alto
Video 42: Repairman's Overview: 1947 Keilwerth New King Series II Saxophone
Video 43: Repairman's Overview: 1950 Conn 28M CONNstellation Alto Saxophone
Video 44: Repairman's Overview: 1954 Kohlert Winnenden Tenor Saxophone
Video 45: Repairman's Overview: 1959 Buescher "Super 400" alto saxophone
Video 46: Repairman's Overview: Best of Berg Larsen saxophone mouthpieces
Video 47: Repairman's Overview: Buescher "Big B" Aristocrat tenor saxophone
Video 48: Repairman's Overview: Buescher True Tone Tipped Bell Soprano
Video 49: Repairman's Overview: Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone
Video 50: Repairman's Overview: Buffet Saxophone "Sparkle Lacquer"
Video 51: Repairman's Overview: Buffet Screw-in Saxophone Resonators (Installed)
Video 52: Repairman's Overview: Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone
Video 53: Repairman's Overview: C-Melody Saxophones (Super Rare Conn Used As Example)
Video 54: Repairman's Overview: Conn 10M Prototype Tenor Saxophone
Video 55: Repairman's Overview: Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone
Video 56: Repairman's Overview: Conn 30M and 26M "Connqueror" Saxophones
Video 57: Repairman's Overview: Conn 6M "Transitional" Alto Saxophone (restoration of deleted video from 2011)
Video 58: Repairman's Overview: Conn Saxophone Microtuner, Unsoldered
Video 59: Repairman's Overview: Couf Superba I Tenor Saxophone
Video 60: Repairman's Overview: King Zephyr Special Saxophone
Video 61: Repairman's Overview: Leblanc Rationnel/Semi-Rationnel Alto Saxophone (not overhauled)
Video 62: Repairman's Overview: Martin "The Martin"/Committee III tenor saxophone
Video 63: Repairman's Overview: Martin Committee II Alto Saxophone
Video 64: Repairman's Overview: MeYeR Bros. New York alto saxophone mouthpiece
Video 65: Repairman's Overview: Modern Borgani Saxophones
Video 66: Repairman's Overview: Original Selmer Saxophone Resonators
Video 67: Repairman's Overview: Original Vintage Buffet Saxophone Resonators
Video 68: Repairman's Overview: Otto Link (New York) Tone Edge Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece, Original Box
Video 69: Repairman's Overview: Powell Silver Eagle Saxophone
Video 70: Repairman's Overview: Pre-War Conn 6M Alto Saxophone
Video 71: Repairman's Overview: Selmer (USA) Padless Saxophone
Video 72: Repairman's Overview: Selmer Balanced Action Tenor & Alto Saxophone
Video 73: Repairman's Overview: Selmer Radio Improved Alto Saxophone
Video 74: Repairman's Overview: Selmer Sax Spring-Loaded Pivot Screw Receivers
Video 75: Repairman's Overview: Selmer Scroll Shank (Soloist) Saxophone Mouthpieces
Video 76: Repairman's Overview: SML Coleman Hawkins Special (Part One, Pre-Overhaul)
Video 77: Repairman's Overview: SML Coleman Hawkins Special Saxophones
Video 78: Repairman's Overview: SML Revision D tenor saxophone
Video 79: Repairman's Overview: Vibrato Plastic Saxophone
Video 80: Repairman's Overview: Vintage Conn New Wonder Series II Soprano Saxophone
Video 81: Repairman's Overview: Vintage Dukoff Saxophone Mouthpieces
Video 82: Repairman's Overview: Vintage Otto Link ToneMaster baritone saxophone mouthpiece
Video 83: Repairman's Overview: Vintage Saxophone mouthpiece blank - before finishing
Video 84: Repairman's Overview: Yamaha "Purple Logo" YSS-62 Soprano Saxophone
Video 85: Repairman's Overview: Yamaha Soprano Showdown: Vintage 62R vs. new 82ZR
Video 86: Repairman's Overview: Yanagisawa 880 Tenor Saxophone
Video 87: Repairman's Poorly Made Video: Some Old Notes On Saxophone Manufacture
Video 88: Repairman's Quick Overview: 1928 Conn F Mezzo Soprano Saxophone
Video 89: Repairman's Quick Overview: 1929 Selmer Soprano Saxophone with 1939 Engraving
Video 90: Repairman's Quick Overview: Buescher 400 Top Hat & Cane Tenor Saxophone
Video 91: Repairman's Quick Overview: Buescher Aristocrat with "Improved Method" Soldered Toneholes
Video 92: Repairman's Quick Overview: Conn 12M Transitional, Gold Plate Art Deco Engraving
Video 93: Repairman's Quick Overview: Conn C Soprano Saxophone (Key of C)
Video 94: Repairman's Quick Overview: Fully Engraved (Original) 1932 Selmer "Cigar Cutter" Alto Saxophone
Video 95: Repairman's Quick Overview: My New Repair Shop
Video 96: Repairman's Quick Overview: Selmer Balanced Action Alto & Tenor Saxophones
Video 97: Repairman's Quick Overview: The Conn-O-Sax!
Video 98: Repairman's Quick Overview: Vintage Woodwind Company New York Mouthpieces
Video 99: Repairman's Quickie: King Super 20 and Zephyr Special Saxophone key pearls
Video 100: Repairman's Show & Tell: Original Gold Plated Selmer Super (Balanced) Action SBA Tenor Saxophone
Video 101: Repairman's Show And Tell: Gold Plated Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone
Video 102: Repairman's WHAAAAT: Conn 10M Prototype Neck Magic
Video 103: Repairmans Overview: Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone with Low A
Video 104: Repairman’s Overview: Martin Magna Tenor Saxophone, original gold plate
Video 105: Sax Repair Tool Review: Conn Microtuner Disassembly Tool
Video 106: Saxophone (Questionable) Repair Topic: Quik 'N Easy Leak Detector
Video 107: Saxophone (Questionable) Repair Topic: Straightening a rod pt. II
Video 108: Saxophone (Quick) Repair Topic: Original Painted/Enameled Saxophones from the 1920s
Video 109: Saxophone (Quick) Repair Topic: Pad Ironing
Video 110: Saxophone (Quick) Repair Topic: What Is That Red Stuff On Your Relacquered Horn
Video 111: Saxophone pad pop test - relaxing if you are weird like me
Video 112: Saxophone Pads: The Pop Test
Video 113: Saxophone Repair Shop (in an Airstream) Tour: Dent station
Video 114: Saxophone Repair Shop (in an Airstream) Tour: Introduction
Video 115: Saxophone Repair Shop (in an Airstream) Tour: Supplies
Video 116: Saxophone Repair Shop (in an Airstream) Tour: The Teensy-weensy Lathe
Video 117: Saxophone Repair Shop (in an Airstream) Tour: Tools
Video 118: Saxophone Repair Shop (in an Airstream) Tour: Wrap-up
Video 119: Saxophone Repair Short: The "Lost Mass" from Leveling Toneholes
Video 120: Saxophone Repair Tip: Conn Microtuner Work Holder
Video 121: Saxophone Repair Tip: Domed G#/bis Adjustment Materials
Video 122: Saxophone Repair Tip: Easy Pre-treatment for Cleaning Pivot Screws
Video 123: Saxophone Repair Tip: Holton 232 Saxophone Octave Mechanism
Video 124: Saxophone Repair Tip: How to Fix Loose Yamaha Adjustment Screws
Video 125: Saxophone Repair Tip: Inherent Key Adjustments
Video 126: Saxophone Repair Tip: Lacquer Toneholes After Leveling
Video 127: Saxophone Repair Tip: Making Pad Prick Holes Go Away
Video 128: Saxophone Repair Tip: My Riveted Domed Resonator Choices & Reasons
Video 129: Saxophone Repair Tip: Plastic Resonators That Look Like The Old Selmer Ones
Video 130: Saxophone Repair Tip: Removing A Stuck Saxophone Roller
Video 131: Saxophone Repair Tip: Resoldering Conn NWII Microtuner
Video 132: Saxophone Repair Tip: Shellac Bed in Deep Key Cups
Video 133: Saxophone Repair Tip: Super Nice Natural Key Corks
Video 134: Saxophone Repair Topic (Questionable): Cleaning Lacquer-Treated Pads
Video 135: Saxophone Repair Topic (Questionable): Replacing The Blue on the Selmer Logo
Video 136: Saxophone Repair Topic (Questionable): Stuck Roller Punch Out Jig
Video 137: Saxophone Repair Topic (Quick): Key Noise Without Keys
Video 138: Saxophone Repair Topic (Quick): Martin Toneholes, Unsoldered
Video 139: Saxophone Repair Topic: Conn Pivot Screw Lock Screws
Video 140: Saxophone Repair Topic: The Best Saxophone Pads
Video 141: Saxophone Repair Topic: "Gold Doesn't Tarnish"?
Video 142: Saxophone Repair Topic: (Questionable) Method to straighten Early Selmer Bell-to-body Brace
Video 143: Saxophone Repair Topic: An Example of a Neck Tenon Leak
Video 144: Saxophone Repair Topic: An Unscientific Look at Porous or Leaky Saxophone Pad Leather
Video 145: Saxophone Repair Topic: Assembly of the Conn Saxophone Microtuner
Video 146: Saxophone Repair Topic: Band Aids
Video 147: Saxophone Repair Topic: Buescher Snap-On (Snap-in) Pads & Resonators
Video 148: Saxophone Repair Topic: Buescher Snap-On Spud replacement
Video 149: Saxophone Repair Topic: Changing the Oil
Video 150: Saxophone Repair Topic: Cleaning Hinge Rods
Video 151: Saxophone Repair Topic: Cleaning Rusty Pivot Screws
Video 152: Saxophone Repair Topic: Conn 30M & 26M Left Hand Pinky Table
Video 153: Saxophone Repair Topic: Conn 30M & 26M Low C# Key (and why it is cool)
Video 154: Saxophone Repair Topic: Conn 6M Low Eb "watershed" Feature (and why it is cool)
Video 155: Saxophone Repair Topic: Dent Removal Example 1
Video 156: Saxophone Repair Topic: Dent Removal Example 2, Hollow Tapping (Questionable)
Video 157: Saxophone Repair Topic: Dent Removal Example 3
Video 158: Saxophone Repair Topic: Dent Removal Example 4 (Coyote Edition)
Video 159: Saxophone Repair Topic: Do Soft Pads Feel Soft?
Video 160: Saxophone Repair Topic: Double Socket Necks
Video 161: Saxophone Repair Topic: Effects of Not Changing the Oil
Video 162: Saxophone Repair Topic: Example of Original Lacquer on Buescher Big B (info specific to Big B)
Video 163: Saxophone Repair Topic: Finish: Original Lacquer Overspray on Vintage Selmers
Video 164: Saxophone Repair Topic: Fitting Hinge Rod/Pivot Combo
Video 165: Saxophone Repair Topic: Fitting Posts Down Around Hinge Rods/Post Fit
Video 166: Saxophone Repair Topic: Hard Rubber Mouthpiece Dent Removal
Video 167: Saxophone Repair Topic: Hinge Tube Mechanical Fit
Video 168: Saxophone Repair Topic: Hot Glue Choice (if you're into it)
Video 169: Saxophone Repair Topic: How (and why!) To Set Up Side C, Side Bb, Side F# (nerd edition)
Video 170: Saxophone Repair Topic: How To Change Front F Venting Height Relationship on Old Horns
Video 171: Saxophone Repair Topic: How To Fit That Weird G# Rod/Pivot Combo on Selmer BA/SBA
Video 172: Saxophone Repair Topic: How To Put Shellac On Pads
Video 173: Saxophone Repair Topic: How To Straighten Bent Threads on a Hinge Rod
Video 174: Saxophone Repair Topic: I broke my wrist!
Video 175: Saxophone Repair Topic: Installing Riveted Resonators in Pads
Video 176: Saxophone Repair Topic: Key fit and the G#/bis regulation
Video 177: Saxophone Repair Topic: King Super 20 Octave Mechanism
Video 178: Saxophone Repair Topic: Make Key Risers (The Dumb Way?)
Video 179: Saxophone Repair Topic: Making Replacement "Pearl" Rollers
Video 180: Saxophone Repair Topic: Making Shellac Sticks
Video 181: Saxophone Repair Topic: Making Shellac Sticks (Overhead View Version)
Video 182: Saxophone Repair Topic: Martin "The Martin" Alto & Tenor Saxophone Neck Octave Key Spring
Video 183: Saxophone Repair Topic: New vs. Used Pads
Video 184: Saxophone Repair Topic: Old-school Fix for Loose Conn Microtuner
Video 185: Saxophone Repair Topic: Old-Style Conn Saxophone Octave Mechanism
Video 186: Saxophone Repair Topic: Pad Install With Buescher Snap-On Resonator
Video 187: Saxophone Repair Topic: Patching a Neck Pickup Hole
Video 188: Saxophone Repair Topic: Post Bushings
Video 189: Saxophone Repair Topic: Post Fit
Video 190: Saxophone Repair Topic: Quickly Resize Seamless Riveted Resonators
Video 191: Saxophone Repair Topic: Razors are not all the same
Video 192: Saxophone Repair Topic: Removing Stuck Rollers Using Heat
Video 193: Saxophone Repair Topic: Repairing Some Typical Long Term Damage on an old Selmer Tenor, Part 1
Video 194: Saxophone Repair Topic: Repairing Some Typical Long Term Damage on an old Selmer Tenor, Part 2
Video 195: Saxophone Repair Topic: Repairing Some Typical Long Term Damage on an old Selmer Tenor, Part 3
Video 196: Saxophone Repair Topic: Repairing Some Typical Long Term Damage on an old Selmer Tenor, Part 4
Video 197: Saxophone Repair Topic: Repairing Some Typical Long Term Damage on an old Selmer Tenor, Part 5
Video 198: Saxophone Repair Topic: Resonators- How Do They Work? (Special Super Ramble-y Edition)
Video 199: Saxophone Repair Topic: Selmer Octave Mechanism Witness Mark
Video 200: Saxophone Repair Topic: Sizing Sax Pads (And Why I Don't Use Pad Sets)
Video 201: Saxophone Repair Topic: Solder Wicking
Video 202: Saxophone Repair Topic: Straightening a Rod
Video 203: Saxophone Repair Topic: Straightening Really Bent Keys
Video 204: Saxophone Repair Topic: Telltale Signs of a Re-plate with Super Obvious Example
Video 205: Saxophone Repair Topic: That Troublesome Selmer Dent Near The Octave Pip
Video 206: Saxophone Repair Topic: The Best Screwdrivers
Video 207: Saxophone Repair Topic: The Clean-Oil-Adjust (COA)
Video 208: Saxophone Repair Topic: The Pop Test, Version Two
Video 209: Saxophone Repair Topic: Trick for Removing Really, Really Stubborn & Hardened Silver Tarnish
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